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Tasty And Yummy Spinach Quinoa Veggie Burger

Delicious veggie burgers are not at all a mission impossible. Actually, it’s really easy to make a veggie burger that stays together and have a nice texture. This is what you need.

Eat Clean. Stay Fit. And Have A Burger To Stay Sane


1. A good base – this can be anything from quinoa, rice, bulgur, chickpea, beans, buckwheat or rolled oats. This will give texture to your burger and is an important ingredient to create a burger that stays together.

2. Vegetables – beets, carrot, sweet potatoes, broccoli, different greens (spinach, parsley, beet greens) – these will enrich your burger with flavor, will give it a beautiful color, and also load it with nutrients.

3. Egg or egg substitute (ground flaxseed) – will help your veggie burger mixture stay together

4. Onion and garlic – for flavor

5. Spices and superfoods – to bring your veggie burger to the next level – turmeric, cumin, chia seeds, garam masala or coriander seeds.

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