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Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing

Everyone dreams of having flawless, flowing hair! But if you are a hair-obsessed person who actually has no time for hair care, smoothing will work like a genie in a bottle for you! You can get this treatment done before any big event, and you are all set to flip that gorgeous mane of yours. But hold on! Sure, it will make you look all prim and proper. However, you also need to know that it comes with many ramifications. If you have already undergone smoothing treatment, this is the time for you to reconsider getting it done again. But if you are a first-timer, stop and acknowledge these side effects. I’m sure you will thank me at the end of this article! So, sit back and relax, I’ll take you through this entire process.

Also known as keratin smoothing and Brazilian blowouts, hair smoothing treatments work by breaking certain bonds in your hair and gluing them back together in a sleek new pattern.

The salon process goes like this: The first step involves washing your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Then, a straightening solution is applied to your hair. Your hair is then blow-dried and vigorously flat ironed at a high temperature. This creates a waterproof seal that helps the hair strands maintain their new structure for 3 to 6 months.

Keratin hair treatments may provide desirable results, but they also come with their own set of harmful side effects. You can read more here.

Effects of Hair Smoothing

ListOrganic.com_Effects of Hair Smoothing


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