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How To Start 8 Easy Full Body Cross Fit Workouts

Today fitness trainer Kelsey Lee shows you a Cross Fit workout that will get your heart rate up and help you shed some of that unwanted weight. Cross fit workout is healthy physical activity.

All you need is a floor, a mat and the desire to tone up that body! Let’s get it. For further detail instructions, you can also watch instructions video on her YT Channel.

Full Body Cross Fit Workouts

1-Squats Workout


Squats are like the LBD of your workout they’re the perfect staple and they make your body look pretty amazing. But just like your wardrobe, your fitness routine could use some variety.

2-Push Ups Workout

push-ups are one of the best exercises ever invented. They require zero equipment, build strength in all of the right places, have hundreds of variations to keep things fresh, and are easily quantifiable so keeping track of progression is a breeze.

3-Jumping Jacks Workout

A very effective calorie burner that will help you shred the fat. No equipment is required and you can easily follow along at home. Jumping jacks are a sweet remembrance of our childhood. This fun whole body exercise is mostly used for warming up and instantly elevates your mood and activates various muscle groups.

4-Burpees Workout

. Burpeer workout is the best part of execeris. To do a burpee, start from a standing position, then squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Showing you above.

5-Back Lunge With A Twist Workout

The lunge with twist exercise is a great core exercise that also builds lower body strength and balance. Because shoes offer additional support, you can increase the difficulty of this exercise by performing it barefoot. This engages the small muscles of the foot and ankle that stabilize the ankle and maintain balance.

6-Alternating Leg Lifts Workout

Lying alternating leg raise is the best exercise.

7-Ice Skaters Workout

An exercise is commonly referred to as “Ice Skaters” since it resembles the movement that Olympic speed skaters make when they race. It’s an excellent movement for targeting the lower body muscles of the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, butt and hips. The outer portion of the upper hips and legs are highly affected with this exercise. Many women refer to this problem area of the hips as “saddlebags” and this movement works very well to tone and tighten these muscles. The core muscles of the abdominals and lower back are also involved as secondary muscle groups while jumping from side to side.

8-Planks With Arm And Leg Extension

Core stability and strength are important for exercise, fitness and all aspects of physical life. We must have stable abdominal, hip and lower back muscles because they do much to keep us upright, balanced and able to lift objects.

IF you are looking for further Workout, you can check out our articles on Push Ups, and further Chest Workouts.

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